Mediterranean Groceries

Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, we bring together food markets from all across the world. Discover hidden gems in a local farmer’s fresh produce, or sample exotic delicacies from halfway around the globe.

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Fresh Halal Meat

Never compromise on the quality, cleanliness, and convenience of your meat supply. At Vytyl, we provide certified fresh halal meat – lamb, goat, beef, and more, expertly prepared and delivered.

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Deli and Bakery

You can’t spell delicious without deli! Meats and sweets served over the counter – cold cuts to grilled kofta, pita breads to honey cakes, and so much more.

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About Us

Vytyl is a grocery store that offers a wide array of local and imported foods in an inclusive, customer-focused environment. Our goal is to foster an understanding of different cultures and traditions through food, encouraging a sense of discovery. Our founder believed this—as well as exceptional service, unparalleled variety, and cultural inclusivity—would make Vytyl the preferred grocery destination for local shoppers.

There’s still a long and exciting journey ahead. We hope to meet you somewhere along the way.

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Coffee Lounge

Sip, savor, and relax in our comfortable lounge. Enjoy authentic flavors of quality teas, coffees, or fruit juices, or explore exciting tastes you’ve never sampled before.

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